Most stolen vehicles in New York

Better go the extra mile to lock up your Hondas, New Yorkers. Especially if you own an older model.

While plenty of city drivers favor Hondas for their reliability and value, the cars are a “hot” item among car thieves, too.

The 2000 Honda Civic was the most-stolen vehicle in New York in past year, according to a report released by the National Insurance Crime Bureau.

You may ask yourself why a list of cars that thieves like in New York is important to you. Well, what is stolen in New York is usually stolen across the country. The Empire State is sort of a bell weather when it comes to stolen cars. A dubious distinction at best. Anyway, here are the most stolen vehicles in New York so far in 2011.

1. Honda Civic – 2000
2. Honda Accord – 1994
3. Toyota Camry – 2010
4. Dodge Caravan – 2000
5. Nissan Maxima – 1997
6. Nissan Altima – 1997
7. Toyota Corolla – 2012
8. Ford Explorer – 2002
9. Jeep Grand Cherokee – 1999
10. Ford Econoline E350 – 2008

To prevent auto theft, the NICB recommends what they call “Layered Protection” to make it more difficult for thieves to steal your vehicle. Their Layer number 1 is common sense measures such as locking your car doors and closing your windows, parking in well-lit spaces and remembering to remove your keys from the ignition when you exit your car.

Their second layer is having a warning device such as an audible car alarm, window etching, identification markers in or on the vehicle and more.

Their third layer is the use of an immobilizing device which makes it impossible for auto thieves to hot-wire your car. These devices include smart keys, fuse cutoffs and more.

The last layer of protection is a tracking device. This type of gadget will emit a signal to either a monitoring station or to the police if your auto or other vehicle is stolen. There are various types of tracking devices on the market, and some use what’s known as “telematics” — a type of technology that uses both GPS (Global Positioning System) and also wireless technologies that can remotely monitor the whereabouts of a vehicle. If the car is moved, the system will automatically alert you and your vehicle’s current location can be tracked via a computer.

The reason older vehicles dominate the list is because they are easier targets for thieves. Because people are keeping their cars longer in the tight economy, there is a strong market for used parts that may come from stolen vehicles.

If you have an older vehicle and have dropped comprehensive coverage to save money, you are not covered for theft and do not qualify for rental car coverage. Comprehensive auto insurance may also include car theft insurance in the event your vehicle is stolen or damaged by covered car vandalism.

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