Smokers pay more for insurance

If you’re looking to save money on your life insurance, not smoking is a great way to start.

Smokers squeezed by soaring cigarette costs and workplace smoking bans are increasingly being hit with another cost increase — this time for health insurance.

A growing number of private and public employers are requiring employees who use tobacco to pay higher premiums, hoping that will motivate more of them to stop smoking and lower health-care costs for the companies and their workers.

When you light up the cigarette in your mouth, you put yourself in position to spend more on life insurance than you should have.

Should you blame an insurance company if they wanted to charge you more for life insurance if you are a smoker?

So, why is life insurance more for a smoker?

Science has shown that people who smoke generally pass away at a younger age.

While evaluating how much of a risk you are to insure, the life insurance company takes into account the fact that you smoke and the negative impact that smoking has on your life expectancy. Because you are a higher risk to insure (i.e. more likely to die sooner than someone who doesn’t smoke) the life insurance company charges you more for your life insurance policy.

Unfortunate as it is, people who smoke will generally always pay more for their life insurance. But that doesn’t mean you have to pay exorbitant prices if you are a smoker.

Life insurance companies for right reason want their clients living long, flourishing lives. This as you can understand benefits both parties.

To simplify, for the policyholder, the longer that you remain insured, the longer you can be shielded by your policy. For the life insurance company, the longer the consumer pays for insurance, the more profit the insurer accumulates. That should make it a lot perceptible as to why health plays a role in term life insurance rates.

So why is smoking separated aside by many life insurance firms when it comes to determining rates?

First, there are a number of illnesses, many leading toward to death, that are connected to smoking.

According to the US Centers of Disease Control estimates, smokers rack up $167 billion in healthcare expenses and losses in productivity annually.

The life anticipation of smokers is less than those who do not use tobacco. When life insurers take note that an applicant cares to smoke, it automatically sends up red flags. The individual is thought to have a shorter lifetime, and is expected to maybe have health matters down the road. That’s why, term life insurance rates for that particular person, and are probable to be greater.

So just how do insurance companies find out if you smoke without their knowledge?

First, life insurers use a questionnaire that is supplied to each customer looking for term life insurance rates. If you smoke and think lying on the questionnaire is the way to go, think again.

A number of the questions include smoking. While you may consider lying, the next step, a medical checkup exam, is likely to trip you up. The insurance company will be looking for certain matters during this exam.

Due to the fact there are chemicals left behind in the body by smoking (such as nicotine), the insurer can spot if you are a tobacco user. The bottom line….all of your life insurance policies can be annulled if you’ve been found out to be a liar.

In the case you are engaged into a life insurance policy, you are allowed to update your medical examination at any time.

Whether it’s the rising prices of cigarettes and health premiums or a heightened public focus on the health risks, more smokers are giving up the habit. The bad news: quitting smoking is hard. The good news: it can be done. Today more adults have succeeded in quitting than there are current smokers.

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Comparing Car Insurance Online – Saves Money

Finding inexpensive insurance policy rates can be a confusing job. Frequently people wind up spending more money on exploring than the amount they really save – said Nick Nicholaidis from This situation caught our attention and came up with the finest service to compare the most affordable insurance rates on the market, added Nicholaidis. Rather than walking from insurance agent to a different one, or making countless phone calls, online insurance service is just a click away from your computer or smartphone. You are able to compare the rates of insurances available in your vicinity. Choose the best suitable insurance policy you wish to go for – said Nicholaidis.

Getting Cheap Car Insurance Was Never So Easy

But it can be very simple if you are using Internet – added Nicholaidis. All that you need to do is fill in the zip code and enter the type of insurance policy you are in search for. The search will immediately be forwarded to our network of licensed brokers and agents who compare the rates and send you instantaneous results according to your specific needs and location. Online Insurance comparison service is highly reliable and over the past years, we have helped thousands of people find themselves the best insurance rate quotes. The use of Internet insurance quotation service is so easy and hassle free that you will wish you had used them much earlier. You will realize how much money you have wasted on costly policies due to the lack of complete information, comparison and knowledge – explained Nick Nicholaidis PR from

Are You Insurance Company?

The answer to this question is ‘NO’. is not an insurance provider; neither do we endorse any particular company or seller. We help you search the best and most affordable insurance rate quotes for your home, automobile, life, disability and health cover needs. We ensure that you benefit every time you purchase any insurance policy -

Competition in the Industry

Just like every other sphere, the insurance sector has also witnessed fantastic growth. A numbers of companies, both new and old, have made it very difficult to get cheapest and the best insurance policy yourself. Respective companies provide great offers and generous discounts on insurance fees. To nourish their shares in the competitive marketplace, some companies go the other way and try to fool around customers by in-genuine ads and consultation. They overcharge you for the insurance policies that are available in the common market for cheaper rates. After buying the insurance policy, you realize that you have been trapped by the simulated advertisements and promises. Beware of such companies. And before buying any such policy, run a quick check for best insurance rate quotes. You will be in for a surprise – warned Nicholaidis.

Cost Efficiency

If you are buying insurances at the most inexpensive and most competitive rates, then you have the advantage of purchasing more number of policies for yourself and your assets. You will finish up paying the lowest premiums and save lots of money.

Insurance is still affordable in the world where living costs are continuously rising. Every time you purchase a policy, ensure you get the best insurance rate quotes. So stay economical in these troubled economic times and compare insurance policy rates before you purchase any.

Our job is to make sure that no one spends a penny more than the actual rate of any insurance and we have provided our service regardless of the type of insurance required. With our help you will easily get the best insurance rate quotes.

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New Jersey Auto Insurance – Car Insurance Quote Comparison in NJ

NJ Car Insurance ComaprisonFinding affordable car insurance rates in New Jersey has never been easier. offers the best Internet Insurance Marketplace to help you to compare and shop for the lowest local automobile insurance rates available. We offer one convenient place to get a quote and buy a insurance policy in 15 minutes or less. Additionally, we have all the resources you need to make informed decisions about your auto insurance. You get great service from several the most dependable and inexpensive insurance companies in New Jersey, so the only thing you do is shop to save money.

New Jersey Car Insurance Requirements

New Jersey state law requires minimum Bodily Injury Liability limits of $15,000 per injured person up to a total of $30,000 per accident, and Property Damage Liability coverage with a minimum limit of $5,000. This basic insurance coverage is frequently referred to as 15/30/5 coverage with 15/30 UM limits.

New Jersey Insurance Coverage:

Basic Policy
Property Damage Liability: $5,000 Limit
Personal Injury Protection: $15,000 Limit
Standard Policy
Bodily Injury Liability: $15,000/$30,000 Limit
Property Damage Liability: $5,000 Limit
Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Bodily Injury: $15,000/$30,000 Limit
Uninsured Motorist Property Damage: $5,000 Limit
Personal Injury Protection: $15,000 Limit
*Both Basic and Standard Policies include $250,000 PIP limit for permanent or significant injury.

The state of New Jersey follows a Choice No-Fault system implying drivers may reject the No-Fault system options and retain the right to sue (Tort system) for any auto-related injury.Personal Injury Protection (PIP) helps pay for “reasonable and necessary” medical expenses for you and your passengers. New Jersey state law requires a minimum Personal Injury Protection coverage of $15,000.

To help protect against damages caused to you and your passengers by an uninsured driver, New Jersey state law requires a minimum Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist coverage of $15,000 per person up to a total of $30,000 per accident for any bodily injury caused by the uninsured and/or underinsured driver.

Save hundreds of dollars in fifteen minutes

When you get a quote at our coverage page will give you the option of choosing, more varied coverage packages, or you can tailor-make every limit and deductible to fit your needs. If that is too complicated,’s insurance agents after you are finished with quote process will give you a phone call in order to help you all the way through purchase process.

Get local car insurance in all of New Jersey. Enter your zip code in the quote boxe on our Home page to get an car insurance quote now. It is important to shop for auto insurance so you get the best available rate! brings competition directly to the customer and we work to lower your costs through technology. By requesting a quote on Internet you could save hundreds instantly!

If you need information for other states besides New Jersey, just put your zip code and select insurance type that you need. represents insurance companies providing the same low rates in many states.

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Cheap New York Car Insurance on Internet

In New York the task of getting car insurance quotes can be scaring when you first start looking for them, but automobile insurance is not just an option—it is a legal requirement. Of course, you wouldn’t want it any other way. If you are involved in an accident or have your vehicle stolen, owning the right kind of automobile insurance can help to ease a delicate position.

Don’t browse by price alone. When looking for New York car insurance, you want a company that answers your questions and handles claims fairly and efficiently. There are many generators for finding great rates and service, but one of the easiest and most efficient is the World Wide Web. And for the best quotes, is the place you prefer to go.

When it comes to car insurance, the state law for New York requires a minimum coverage of $25,000 for Bodily Injury Liability per injured person. It also requires up to a maximum of $50,000 per accident. The minimum state requirement for Property Damage Liability coverage is $10,000. This type of coverage is generally referred to as 25/50/10 coverage. In New York, however, it’s usual for consumers to buy higher amounts of coverage- that will be one of the elements you will have to take in making your insurance decision.

As with any purchase, it’s a good idea to shop around. Get at least three price quotes. You can call companies directly or access information on the Internet. Getting quotes online is one of the most convenient methods of researching and obtaining the best deals in car insurance- and you can do it from the convenience of your home!

What happens if you don’t get car insurance in New York? Law enforcement officers will ask you for proof of insurance at the time of traffic stops or accidents. Insurance companies notify the department of motor vehicles of all policy cancellations, non-renewals, and new policies. If this is the case with you, the law enforcement officer will know it and it could cause you huge fines or worse. Failure to maintain proper insurance could lead to the suspension of your vehicle registration and/or driver license. This can be costly to the vehicle owner. Be sure that you follow the New York State car insurance laws!

Although New York automobile insurance does not require a minimum Personal Injury Protection (PIP), there are advantages to having this type of coverage. For instance, if you ever have an accident, PIP will pay for your and your passengers’ medical expenses.

Another type of optional coverage you can consider getting is Uninsured/ Underinsured Motorist Coverage. This coverage will help compensate for any accidental injury caused by an uninsured driver. You can choose to purchase this added protection, although state law for New York car insurance does not require it.

New York car insurance is really not that complex. While many residents in The Empire State will get their insurance in the traditional way, make sure you compare car insurance rates from multiple companies to get the best rate. You can call each car insurance company directly or you can shop for automobile insurance online. Shopping for car insurance online can be faster and more convenient.- you should consider saving money and going to . New York residents often pay more than they should for their car insurance. Data from the Insurance Information Institute suggests that residents of New York spent an average of around $1083 on insurance premiums in 2006 (the national average was $803). This represents a decrease from 2005, when residents were paying $1125 on average. While decreases in premiums are good, you should be aware that during the previous five years, New York residents had been experiencing yearly increases of nearly 1.4% on average. In general, 2005 was the year when a majority of customers across the nation began to see their premiums decline.

You can start saving money for New York car insurance right now by visiting

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Comparing Insurance Quotes Saves Money

Everybody knows that insurance policy premiums can be affected by your credit history or maybe a spotty driving record in the case of car insurance. But few people realize that an insurance company’s loss experience is one of the biggest factors for determining how much they will bear for coverage. How so? Well, say for example an insurance firm paid out a big amount of homeowner insurance claims due to a particularly catastrophic year of floods and fire damage. The same insurance company may also provide auto insurance coverage. To compensate for the losses experienced under their home owner insurance division, they may elevate premiums for their auto insurance clients even if they had no accidents or fines. Or, they could simply increase the insurance prices for house insurance policyholders in another state.

Insurance is a business, and like any other business it needs to generate profit. Monetary losses from an excessive amount of insurance claims are commonly repositioned to the consumer in the bundle of higher insurance premiums. If the insurance company had an highly gainful year, they may lower rates to attract more buyers and increase the number of policyholders they have. For this cause, insurance rates vary greatly from one company to another.

Health and life insurance rates are very low right now in this competitive insurance industry. However, many health and life insurance companies offer low initial rates to acquire insurance customers and then step by step increase these teaser insurance rates over time. The best way to ensure you are getting the best price for your insurance needs is to review your policy rates regularly and compare them versus what other competing insurance companies are offering. You can do this by requesting insurance quotes from multiple insurance companies.

Use Technology to Find an Inexpensive Coverage

In the past, getting insurance quotes was a time consuming affair that involved hours on the phone or lengthy meetings with individual insurance agents. With the technology advancements of today, you can request insurance quotes quickly and efficiently. It only takes more or less two minutes to fill out the online insurance questionnaire provided on Our latest technology allows you to instantly compare insurance coverage and premium quotes from multiple competing companies. The best part is you only have to insert your information once rather than going from website to website. We are not an insurance company, but we offer tips on how to find out the amount of insurance coverage you need.

So, whether you are looking for a more affordable car insurance rate for an expiring automobile insurance policy, or you just want to make certain you are getting the best deal on house, renters, disability, long term care, cancer, burial (final expense), life insurance, and annuity, is here to help both men and women find inexpensive insurance coverage. Why not see if you can save a little extra money on your health insurance premiums? You have the choice of comparing affordable insurance coverage quotes online.

Find out How to Get a Discount from Insurance Companies

Our learning center is committed to help insurance consumers become educated on their insurance needs. Our library of informative material, insurance guides will help you in a diversity of insurance situations. The next time you have an accident or need to file an insurance claim you can be prepared. We’ll also tell you about what to do when a claim is denied and your rights as a policyholder. You’ll also learn how to understand your insurance policy and of course, there are many tips on how to save money on insurance.

Don’t pay more for insurance than you have to. Take time to compare your current insurance rates with parallel coverage from other insurance contenders. It only takes a few minutes to select the type of coverage you are interested in, and you’ll be on your way to comparing insurance quotes and saving money!

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Insurance rates decreasing: Right time to shop car insurance online

With gas prices hovering over $2 a gallon, and economy declining, the cost of driving is taking a toll on American’s pocketbooks. But one positive is emerging from our nation’s current economic status: car insurance rates are dropping.

The average rate for car insurance has dropped to $1,879 a year, according to Ratewatch research. The overall average has fallen $103 since its 12-month high in October 2008.

While the average fell only 0.5% in March, that came on the heels of December’s 3.2% plunge. If you break down the numbers state by state, 19 states saw insurance rates fall last month. Arizona saw the largest rate decrease (5.1%) and South Dakota had the largest hike (6.7%).

This research also provides a case study in what happens when competitive forces are unleashed and markets are allowed to operate more freely. And while some drivers are worse off, the vast majority of consumers have gained from the changes.

Auto insurance prices have been declining around the country, lower rates in 19 states were a welcome sight. March auto rates continued to decline. The lowest annual car insurance quotes, on average, decreased from $1,888 per year to $1,879 annually. The highest rates in the past 12 months were quoted in October 2008. Rates increased 8% in total in 2008.

If you break down the numbers state by state, 19 states saw insurance rates fall last month. Arizona saw the largest rate decrease (-5.1%), Virginia (-4.5%), and South Dakota had the largest hike (+6.7%), following Nebraska and Minnesota with (+5.9%).

“The insurers have been pouring millions into advertising and then provide better deals to customers, it’s all about new customer acquisition” says Nick Nicholaidis PR Manager at “People are changing the way they shop for car insurance. Shopping online is an easy way for people to learn their car insurance options quickly and with no hassle. By comparing quotes, people can save hundreds of dollars” says Nicholaidis.

Learning your car insurance options is simple. Start by visiting Once on the site, fill out a short form about your car insurance needs. It takes less than 5 minutes and is totally free.

Once you complete the form, your information is distributed to your local insurance agents who will research quotes from leading companies. These agents are simply motivated to get you the best deal they can based on your needs and profile. They all work with highly reputable, top-rated insurance providers such as: GMAC, Farmers Insurance, Unitrin, The Hartford, Liberty Mutual and Esurance. They are all trained to provide personalized service and can answer any questions you have regarding your policy and the quotes you receive.

A few minutes of your time, could save you hundreds of dollars.

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