New York Teenage Drivers Insurance Savings

An increase in automobile insurance premiums in New York and other states is something that will have affected most folks but there is one group that seems to be hit harder than most…Teenage drivers.

This is because insurance companies see the young driver car insurance market as a risky demographic and so raise the prices of their premiums accordingly.
With this in mind it is essential to shop around and find as many prices as possible to ensure a low-cost teenage driver insurance policy – with our free comparison service you can view prices from many companies in just a few minutes.

Why teenage drivers are a risky group?

Unfortunately, it is a fact that young drivers account for a disproportionate amount of accidents on US roads and this is one of the main reasons why insurance companies consider younger drivers to be a higher risk.

Statistics testify that one in five drivers are involved in a crash during their first twelve months behind the wheel and that road users are more likely to be involved in a traffic accident during the first two years after passing their test.

It is also the case that drivers aged between 17 and 25 are responsible for one third of road fatalities in the US and that teenage drivers are more likely to be the victim of theft, fire and malicious mischief that result in insurance claims.

How to get cheaper teenage driver insurance?

If you’re a teen driver and looking for the best deal on car insurance, it’s important to shop around to ensure you get the best price. There are several things you can do to bring your premiums down, but it’s still crucial to compare policies from different insurance companies to find proper cover at the lowest price.

Insurance premiums are massively affected by the type of motor vehicle that you drive so try to stick to small engine cars from low insurance groups and avoid any vehicle alterations.
Young drivers’ insurance can often appear like a bad bargain. Insurance firms commonly base teenage driver insurance premiums on a series of statistics. They will take the information you give them and compare you to other drivers of a similar age and gender – if these drivers have made lots of claims on their insurance, you will stand for a high risk. With no other dependable data to go on, companies have to make assumptions based on measurable matters like your age and how powerful your car is. Only when you’ve proved that you’re a responsible driver will your premiums start to go down.

A few tips that can result in getting the best auto insurance rates for the teenage driver

Learn the Law

Traffic and automotive vehicle laws vary moderately from one state to another – but progressively, states are ordaining specified laws applying to teenage drivers, cutting back the hours during which they can be on the road, how many passengers they can carry, etc. Parents have an obligation to make sure their young drivers know these laws and are abiding by them.

Setting Examples

Remember that as a parent, you are all of the time educating your child whether or not you are aware of it. Teens particularly will not hesitate to call you out if you are in the habit of speeding, tailgating, rolling stops and other poor driving habits.

Adding a young driver to Your Policy

By itself, a teen policy is high risk car insurance – and that means costly insurance. You can avoid a major increase in your overall car insurance rate by simply adding your teen child to your existing policy as an authorized driver rather than getting a separate policy. This way, your good driving record will help the teen driver – and they will be eligible for the same discounts that you are.

Encouraging better grades

It’s a common practice across the insurance industry to offer good student car insurance rates – often by ten and sometimes twenty percent. If your child’s better grades result in the best auto insurance rates for you, consider passing on the savings.


Shop Around and Save on Car Insurance

Whenever making a major purchase, consumers shop around to make certain they have the best cost for what they are getting. Consumers must use the same diligence to save on car insurance as with any other outstanding purchase. The insurance companies don’t make comparing policies easy. Numerous companies call the same coverage’s by different names to help them come out to be unlike from the rivalry.

In order to best compare policy premiums from company to company consumers must be sure to compare the exact same coverage’s with each company they get a quote from. Consumers who browse for auto insurance and compare often find the different terms used by different companies puzzling.

The most important thing to do when comparing automobile insurance policies is to be sure to compare oranges to oranges. First find out what insurance coverage is needed on the vehicle. If the vehicle is financed the company holding the title as collateral often calls for greater limits and distinguishable insurance coverage than demanded by state law. Make certain to compare the coverage’s needed. Once the correct coverage required is recognized, comparing rates is just a matter of making sure the quote from each company is for the equivalent coverage.

Pay in Full and Save

When you look into saving money on auto insurance, you will be checking for the most beneficial discounts, coverage’s and even car type to be sure you’re getting the best rate possible. You can look high and low for every last discount, but one of the best ways to save real money on your car insurance is hiding in the payment you make each and every month. Insurance companies charge you to make payments.

A few charge up to seven bucks a month or even more for the favor of making a payment rather than paying fully. Even a seven dollar a month defrayal sums up to eighty-four dollars a year. If someone told you that you may save at least eighty-four bucks on your motorcar insurance for any other discount it would be awesome. When you pay in full there is even a price reduction with some companies that is above and beyond that additional charge for making payments. You may save eighty-four dollars on payment fees plus an additional 10 percent or more for paying fully. That is a lot of spared money.

It can be challenging to find paths of bringing forth that much money together at one time to pay your entire car insurance premium, even if you know it is the way to save on auto insurance. Look at saving some of your tax return or any other windfall you have during the year and investing it into an car insurance fund. You can replenish that fund with monthly payments if you need to, and then you will still make monthly payments, but they will be a lot less than your monthly payments used to be.


Comparing car insurance online or buying in person?

When it comes to car insurance, you want to be adequately covered if you get in an accident but you don’t want to pay any more than you have to. So how can you navigate your way through this tricky subject?

Inexpensive car insurance plan is one of the major things that you need to take into account when it refers to the choice of selecting your insurance cover policy.

Now, with the Internet, any individual can directly find affordable automobile insurance quotes online with a click of a button and also it is possible to get vehicle insurance plans quotes quickly within minutes.

As suggested by its name, is something that’s inexpensive to you something which may be within your budget. Our site also has a great source of useful info for anybody who wants to find a cost-efficient auto insurance policy for his or her vehicle.

On this Internet site, you can discover economical auto insurance plans directly and rapidly owing to advanced technology. You can get car insurance quotes at once and don’t need to wait days for this information to arrive by postal service.

Of course, buying auto insurance in person also limits your access to other quotes and avenues of buying. You can’t find out if another agent might be able to get you a better deal or even choose another agent you feel you can trust more. It’s more direct, but might give you fewer options.

Instead of going to every single auto insurance organization and requesting for their premiums, we can help you to get your personal online automobile insurance quote lot faster. In same time, after finishing online quote, you may speak to our insurance agent live.

However, you can have the best of both worlds. You can print out the quote and the details of the rate, and take it to the insurance agent of your choice. And then complete buying the auto insurance in-person.

Choice is always yours!


Car insurance comparison possibility to save is committed to providing you with the best insurance coverage, so you’re secure no matter where the road takes you. You don’t have to sacrifice quality for price, or service for that matter, because you get it all with our insurance policy providers. You will get a great rate and your agent will work with you to make sure you get every discount rate possible, along with right amount of coverage so that nothing is left up to chance.

The right amount of insurance coverage is essential. offers a choice and variety of insurance coverage selections to protect you and your passengers, your vehicle and the other drivers you encounter on the road.

So, when you consider everything, the choice is clear. offers possibility to find lowest rates and reliable insurance coverage. Plus we are committed to doing everything we can to go past your expectations.

Insurance rates found using are already among the lowest in the industry, but that is only the beginning. You will be able to spare even more when you include extra discounts that may be available.

• Good-Driver Discount
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• Good Student Discount
• Multi-Policy discount rate

*Discounts may vary by state.

Let us prove it to you. Take a few minutes today to get a quote and you will understand why numerous folks prefer every day.


Car insurance and Teenagers during Spring Break

“Spring break is an exciting annual event for many young people – how safe are they?” has distinguished itself from other auto insurance websites since its debut in 2002 by focusing on providing not only FREE car insurance comparison, but also practical information and advice for drivers in posted educational articles.

During the month of March and April, the website will concentrate on young and student drivers by supplying extra material on how to get affordable automotive insurance coverage. This effort will include outreach to college fraternities and sororities with educational information on safe and responsible driving habits.

“Spring break is an exciting annual event for many young people,” said PR Manager Nick Nicholaidis: “They look forward to taking time off from the rigors of schoolwork to spend time with friends having fun in an exotic setting. It also means potential drunk driving incidents. With latest violence and drug wars in Mexico, most youngsters will go to California, Florida or Carolina Coastal and that can bring a world of insurance hurt to young drivers on our domestic streets.

As more and younger people head to the beach, is reminding consumers that adequate insurance and proper vehicle maintenance are ways to help make sure you make the most of your spring break.

“Police Departments will increase drunk-driving enforcement along all major thoroughfares during Spring Break” said Nicholaidis. “Keep yourself insured, not uninsured or underinsured. Our goal is to help you to save hundreds of dollars on all your insurance needs. Comparing automobile insurance online is not an easy task and it can take lots of time and efforts, not to mention wasting your valuable time on web sites that simply don’t work the way they said it should. Insurance4LessDirect is different. We can assist you with all of your insurance needs and let you compare rates with top insurance carriers from one simple form.” offers the following tips and advices to help students hitting the roads:

1.Avoid careless, reckless, aggressive drivers and drivers who may be intoxicated
2.Drive safely. Nothing drives up the cost of insurance more than a history of accidents and moving violations.
3.Wear your seatbelt. All passengers should use seatbelts.
4.Maintain a B average for a “good student” discount.
5.Tell family and close friends where you are going. Including the name of the hotel and when you expect to return.


Winter Driving Tips and Guidelines

Winter is high season for car insurance claims. Why? Because weather conditions lead to treacherous roads meeting unprepared-for-the-season drivers, that’s why. And almost as bad as getting into an accident is having to file an auto insurance claim and hoping that the claim isn’t denied. But there are several steps a driver can take to increase their chances of a successful auto insurance claim this wintertime season.

With snowy and black-ice-topped routes, there is potentiality for a driver to get into a nasty winter automobile accident at every turn. Winter is a busy time for insurance companies, with scores of other drivers also trying to make auto insurance claims. The key to a successful auto insurance claim, however, is knowing how to address the accident.

Knowing how to deal with a chance event this winter will determine whether an car insurance claim is successful for not.

The right steps to dealing with the accident include:

1. Knowing local driving laws (and following them)
2. Filing a police report
3. Contacting one’s auto insurance agent
4. Officially filing an automobile insurance claim right away
5. Collaborating with one’s insurance provider’s car insurance claims process
6. Keeping a regular (and documented, if possible) course of communication between the insurance provider and the driver. The driver should always follow up with their claim and be sure the insurance company is on top of it.

During the winter, with snow-covered roads and treacherous black ice, drivers should take precautions to avoid nasty accidents, including using snow tires and chains, being extra careful while driving, etc. But when an accident is inescapable, knowing how to file an automobile insurance claim helps one avoid steep out of pocket expenses.
Using these guidelines and taking the right precautions during the winter months will make sure that your winter driving is as safe as possible, keeping your car insurance rate as low as you can.

Do not pay too much for car insurance when online shopping is so easy to compare car insurance. Request your free Anywhere in USA car insurance quotes right away!


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