Car insurance and Teenagers during Spring Break

“Spring break is an exciting annual event for many young people – how safe are they?” has distinguished itself from other auto insurance websites since its debut in 2002 by focusing on providing not only FREE car insurance comparison, but also practical information and advice for drivers in posted educational articles.

During the month of March and April, the website will concentrate on young and student drivers by supplying extra material on how to get affordable automotive insurance coverage. This effort will include outreach to college fraternities and sororities with educational information on safe and responsible driving habits.

“Spring break is an exciting annual event for many young people,” said PR Manager Nick Nicholaidis: “They look forward to taking time off from the rigors of schoolwork to spend time with friends having fun in an exotic setting. It also means potential drunk driving incidents. With latest violence and drug wars in Mexico, most youngsters will go to California, Florida or Carolina Coastal and that can bring a world of insurance hurt to young drivers on our domestic streets.

As more and younger people head to the beach, is reminding consumers that adequate insurance and proper vehicle maintenance are ways to help make sure you make the most of your spring break.

“Police Departments will increase drunk-driving enforcement along all major thoroughfares during Spring Break” said Nicholaidis. “Keep yourself insured, not uninsured or underinsured. Our goal is to help you to save hundreds of dollars on all your insurance needs. Comparing automobile insurance online is not an easy task and it can take lots of time and efforts, not to mention wasting your valuable time on web sites that simply don’t work the way they said it should. Insurance4LessDirect is different. We can assist you with all of your insurance needs and let you compare rates with top insurance carriers from one simple form.” offers the following tips and advices to help students hitting the roads:

1.Avoid careless, reckless, aggressive drivers and drivers who may be intoxicated
2.Drive safely. Nothing drives up the cost of insurance more than a history of accidents and moving violations.
3.Wear your seatbelt. All passengers should use seatbelts.
4.Maintain a B average for a “good student” discount.
5.Tell family and close friends where you are going. Including the name of the hotel and when you expect to return.

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